tales of a wandering soul

tales of a wandering soul

tales of a wandering soul tales of a wandering soul

About Me



My name is Jessica Stanton.

That's me in the ad above for Latam Airlines. :)

I’m a US native living and teaching English in Chongqing, China. Basically, I was fed up with living in the Not-So-United States so I packed up and took my talents to South Beach America. 

I taught in a Medellín public high school for one year before moving to the Far East. I spend as much time outside of school as I can traveling; even if it's just around my own city. Most of my wanderlust centers around culture, street art, beaches, and the rest of the great outdoors.

I'm not your typical traveler. I'm an expat. A wanderer. A lover of slow travel. An adventurer. A single woman making shit happen on my own. I've learned so much through experience and I'm happy to share. I hope this blog inspires you to explore new people, places & things.  <3

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December 12, 2018

My first attempt at showing the world a day in my life, as I took over the Instagram stories for International TEFL Academy. 

March 28, 2019

11pm in China and 9am in Chicago, I sat down with Rose from International TEFL Academy on Facebook Live.

Hindsight,  I wish I had elaborated more on the diversity among Chinese nationals, as well as how different the cities are here. Beijingers are a lot more willing to use English than other places. 

March 17, 2019

Another takeover for International TEFL Academy. This time, I traveled to Beijing for a workshop and answered more questions.